You can invite other OverBloggers to contribute to your OverBlogs. You can assign them administrator, contributor or designer roles.

How to give rights to a user (or revoke them) on my OverBlog?

Got to Settings> Manage Users to add one or several people to help you. Enter their email addresses and pick the role you are assigning them.

The user(s) will be notified by email of your invitation to participate to your OverBlog. If the person(s) don’t have their own OverBlogs yet, the notification email will invite them to register in order to be able to participate.

You can revoke or amend collaboration rights, from the same page, whenever you want.

What are the rights of a Designer?

A designated Designer role only allows the person to manage the “Theme” section of the dashboard. S/He is allowed to:

  • Change/edit the theme, including by going to the HTML and CSS parts

  • View your analytics

  • Change your blog’s basic information in the “Theme” section: title, description, etc for SEO

N.B.: a Designer cannot publish any content on your OverBlog.

What are the rights of a Contributor?

A contributor can submit articles on your blog. S/He’s allowed to:

  • Write posts and submit them. Only the owner (you!) or an administrator is allowed to publish posts.

  • Add his/her social network accounts for sharing

  • View your analytics

NB: A contributor cannot make any changes your OverBlog options.

What are the rights of an Administrator?

An Administrator combines all the roles, but can’t amend the owner’s role. S/He can:

  • Customize the “Theme” section (even the HTML and CSS code)

  • Contribute posts and articles to your OverBlog

  • Manage user roles, except that of the owner.

Whare are the Owner’s prerogatives?

As the Owner of an OverBlog you have :

  • Contributor rights

  • Designer rights

  • Administrator rights

  • Access to Premium and Revenue Share features

  • The ability to use the import/export function

  • The right to delete the blog

N.B.: The owner of an OverBlog cannot be changed.

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