You want to start a blog ? 

Here's a little tutorial to explain how to create an account and to start a blog on Overblog. Follow the instructions below ! 

1. Create an account on Overblog 

This is the first step before creating your blog : you have to sign up on Overblog

This is the portal of Overblog and this is where you can sign up for the first time. 



As you can see on the picture above, you have two choices : 
    - To connect on Overblog (if you already have an account)
    - To create your blog which means to sign up (this is the part in which we are interested in, here!)

After clicking on "Create your blog", you'll arrive on the page showed below. 



This is pretty simple ! All you need to do, is : 


  • Enter your email address : this email address will be attached to your blog. You'll received notifications, private messages etc. on it.
  • Choose a password
  • Choose the address of your blog. Be careful, choose it wisely because you won't be able to change it after that. A good blog's address must be short and easy to keep in mind.  
  • Check the box "I'm not a robot" and "Create my Overblog" ! 

Those manipulations past you'll be automatically redirected on the administration of your Overblog account.

Congrats !!!  





2. Create a blog on Overblog 

As you've been automatically redirected on your Overblog Account, you will arrive on this page : 



Once you arrive on this page, you will fill all informations regarding your account.
It's not obligatory to fill this form, but... BUT it's highly recommended :-)  First, upload a picture for the profile, then follow the steps ! 




You get it !!  First steps on how to create a blog are over and you're now able to blog on our platform ! 







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