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You should try to get the more backlinks to your blog that you can. The easiest to get is OverBlog’s directory. To be listed on it, you just have to add an avatar to your blog, a title and a description (on Settings > General options).


You will optimise your search engine visibility if you follow those few tips :

  • Chose a quite long title (60-80 caracters) related to the content of the article.

  • Emphasize key-words (bold, subtitles, tags...)

  • Use synonyms of your key-words

  • Try to write as well as you can, search engines promote quality content.

  • Add rich content (photo, video, music...) to highlight your article.

Share your content on social networks

That’s a good way to get better-known : when you post an article, share it on your Facebook and Twitter account to promote it to your friends and followers.

You can do this automatically, if you have linked your accounts (Settings > Sharing). This is also positive to search engines.

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