Most of themes on Overblog display a menu in your blog's header.  Then you can create several tabs on this menu and propose to your readers shortcuts to one or several tags, pages, links... 

Please, take note that all themes on Overblog do not have this option. In a general way, a menu allows you to make 7 tabs max, but it can be less sometimes.


What themes display this option ? 

Non-Premium Themes : 

  • Kiwi
  • Classical
  • Nullified
  • Personally
  • Delicate
  • Floating posts
  • Girls Gift
  • Twenty Eleven
  • Timeline

Premium Themes : 

  • Photography
  • Simplissim
  • Social Board



Where do i have to go to have access to the configuration of this option ? 


Whatever the theme you chose in the list above, the access to the configuration of this menu is the same in your administration : Manage > Theme > Settings. 



You have to scroll to see the MENU option. 



What are the different possibilities with the Menu ? 

You have three different possibilities with your menu, it only depends what you want to do. 
You can link : 

  • A page / an article
  • A tag of your blog
  • An external link


How to configure your menu ? 

Actually, it's pretty simple ! To be more accurate I've made some examples on my personal blog. 

Here is what you can get on your blog's menu : 


  • "Recettes Salées" & "Recettes Sucrées" : tabs which gather several articles with a same tag
  • "Le premier article" :  tab which is directly pointing to one article. 
  • "Page de présentation" : tab which is pointing to a page. 
  • "La paupiette se régale sur 750g" : tab which is pointing to an external website. 



1- Put a page / an article in a tab in your menu : 

As we see it before, you can put an article or a page directly in your menu, as a tab. On my blog, it's the tab "Le premier article". You have to get the URL (address/link) of this article. You can get this url when you're consulting your article, in the searching bar of your browser. 

 <--- Here is the link of my article I want to put in my menu.

Then, you have to insert it in your Menu settings. #1, #2... it's as you want. 

To insert a page, it's exactly the same thing to do. You have to go directly on a page of your blog (the one you want to be integrated in your menu), to get the url. For example, on the photo above, the page in the menu is the N°4 "Page de présentation". 


2- Put a tag in a tab of your menu : 

It can be possible that you have a tag in your blog in which a lots of articles are gathered. For example, on my blog I have several article gathered under the tag (categorie) "Salé".



You have to proceed in the same way that we did before for the article and the page. To get the URL of the tag you want to insert in your menu, you have to click on this tag on your blog. You can get for example :
(if you have a domain name).

I own a domain name, so here is what I get for my tag "Salé" :

NB 1 : You'll notice that there is no accent in a URL.

NB 2 : If you get a domain name after you made this menu, think about to change links in your menu. They won't be active anymore. 




3- Put an external link in a tab of your menu : 

You also have the possibility to put external links in your menu bar if you want to. 

Once again, you have to put the URL (the link) of this external website in one of your menu link. 










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