What is that for ? 

Communities on Overblog allow people to share several articles around a same theme. 
They also are a pretty good alternative to blog's categories in which some blog do not correctly find their place. 

The goal is simple !  Created by Overbloggers, communities are one of the best way to share with other Overbloggers about one same subject. 

How do it works? 

To access to your communities settings, it's quite simple ! You have to go through Manage > Communities. 



The Communities' tab in your administration

The Communities' tab in your administration

When you arrive on the page of your communities setting, you have access to 3 main tabs. 

  • Tab "Join" : you can search a specific community and to ask to be part of it. 
  • Tab " Pending Requests" : you can moderate the whole list of bloggers which have asked to part of one of your communities.
  • Tab "New Community" : you can create a new community. 


  • You want to join a new community 

The tab "Join" displays a search bar in which you will be able to search the name of the community you want to join. 

A link just below the search bar will permit you to have access to all the communities created on Overblog.

  • How to validate a community in "pending request" ? 

First, you have to go in Pending Requests. The entire list of all blogs which want to be part of one of your communities is displayed with all information of the request as the date of request to join, the name of the blog, the name of the community to be joined and motivations of the blogger to join your community. 

Si you accept the add request, the blog will appear next in the list of all blogs which are being part to this community.

You can delete when needed a blog from one of your communities with the cross in front of the blog.

  • I want to create a new community 

By clicking on the "new community" tab, a page in which you'll have to fulfil all informations about your future community. All fields are required to be fulfiled, it will helps the bloggers to join your community by understanding at first sight the aim of your community. 


Once your community created, it will appears below the tab "New community". You'll have access to the list of all articles and blogs in this community ; you'll be able to modify settings at any time. 

  • I want to write an article into a community

The publication of an article in a community is pretty simple. You have to write an article as usual than in a specific tab, to choose the community in which you want to article to be published. 


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