Search engines index dynamic contents, updated regularly. You have to be patient for several days to several weeks for a search engine will index your blog and its content. As you may want to boost your SEO, we advise you to : 

- Update the more you can your content. A dynamic content will be targeted by search engines faster. 

- Fill in all the informations in your profile since the administration of your blog (you have to go to your Account --> Avatar on the top right of the administration of your blog) - AND to your blog's settings : Manage > Settings and fill the information about your blog. 

- Put a lot of keywords in your blog an in its content to make your blog more pertinent for every search engine. Be careful, it's better when keywords are insert with a context and not alone as simply keywords. 

- It's also important that you already have some visits on your blog ! Like that, search engines will be see a relevance to propose your blog in researches. Of course, DO NOT HESITATE to share your blog on every support that you think the more relevant for that. 


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