Why do my blog have ads ? 

With the increase of users, Overblog platform must be updated to always be efficient. Our goal is the divide in equal way the maintenance costs between all bloggers :  Premium members through their subscription and Free members through ads on their blogs. 

Being a Premium member will give you the opportunity to remove those ads on your blogs if do not want them anymore. More infos on Premium


Other advertisements 

You're a Premium member and you remove all ads on your blog but you still continue to have some ?  Those ads do not come from Overblog. 

Those ads may come from your browser which use your navigation history or from a tools bar which displays ads. Test with another browser or another computer to notice that those ads are not showing on your blog. 

Ads can also come from a widget on your blog. Some of providers of widgets are said free but, they display ads in return. 




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