Performance optimisation

Search engines take load time in account. We recommend that you limit this load time, for SEO but also for your visitors. There are several ways to improve it:

- you can choose the number of articles to display on each page on your Theme settings.

- you can display only a summary of your article, and make the visitor click to see the entire content.

Each blog and contents are specific, but to improve it, a blog page load time must be under 10 sec.

Add a sitemap on Google Webmaster tools

Google allows you to get many usefull informations from your blog, registering to this tool, with a Google account (you already have one if you use Gmail or Google +):

Once you create and add your sitemap:

  • Google will know about your last articles.

  • you’ll be able to learn about searches that led to your blog via search engines page results.

Post comments

When you visit a blog on the same topic as yours, feel free to leave a comment. Don’t forget to type your blog’s url so that you’ll have a backlink on this blog. Not only you probably will get a new visitor, but also it is usefull for SEO.

Being on directories

You can add links on directories, but be careful :

  • avoid to post in too many directories

  • choose directories that are linked to your blog’s topic

  • avoid directories that display too much advertising.

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