To subscribe to a blog 

Most of you allow their readers to subscribe to their blog. Then, people who added their email address could receive a mail to notify them of a news article on your blog. 

You can find your subscribers list in Manage > Settings > Sharing. 

The subscription to a blog can permit to people to be aware of the latest news on a blog, even if they are not registered on Overblog.


To follow a blog

But... (there's always a but!) it can happens that people do not want to overstock their messagerie and decide to Follow your blog. This is only possible for people who are registered on Overblog ! This option can be display in Overblog Sharebar if this one is activated. 




People who follow your blog do not be listed on your subscribers list but they will see every last article from your blog on their Reader, in their administration. 

To know more about How to follow o blog with the Reader, click right here ! 

N.B. : If you receive a notification from Overblog that informs you of a new person is following your blog. You'll not see it in your subscriber list... Just think about the difference between To subscribe and To follow ;-) 



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