You used to use Overblog automatic sharing to your Facebook personal profile.

At Overblog, we used a tool provided by Facebook itself.

However, from August 1st, 2018,

Facebook makes the decision to block

automatic sharing from any platform to personal profiles.


But don't worry, we have the solution for you! 😉


1 - Manual sharing to your Facebook profile:

Overblog will no longer be able to automatically share your new articles on your Facebook profile, and you will not be able to establish a new connection with a Facebook profile for automatic sharing.

However, it is still possible to manually share your articles directly from the blog and the share bar at the bottom of each of your articles:


2 - Automatic sharing to your Facebook Page:


Privilege content sharing on your Facebook Page if you have the opportunity. This will allow you to develop more easily a community related to your content.

Automatic page sharing will continue to work normally.

For more information on this subject,
you can contact Facebook directly by clicking here.


Tweeting an article

After publishing an article, you must want to share it with your followers on Twitter. Two options:

  • Share it automatically, by checking the Twitter logo in the publish section. (You will need to give your permission to publish on Facebook first)

  • Manually, by posting the article on your blog and clicking on the Twitter button displayed ont the share bar.

How to enjoy the Repost feature

All bloggers from Overblog may ,at any time, spread your article including a link to the original article. That will help you to be discovered by new readers and bring you more visits. And vice versa: you can find another blog you want to present to your readers.

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