Writing and publishing a post on OverBlog is easy. The hardest part is to actually start writing.

On your dashboard, just click on the «New post» tab on the top menu, start typing your article – there you are.

You will have two menus : one within the text editor and the colorful buttons at the bottom of the text section to add various item formats.

Posting content and Variations on your content

The text section

It offers you standard formatting options (font, styles, etc) and uses a WYSIWYM (What you see is what you mean) editor.

Posting content and Variations on your content

If you'd rather work on a HTML format, you can do so by clicking on the « Switch to HTML editor » option on the menu bar. Just beware that you can't revert to a basic text editor on the same article once you've switched to the HTML editor.

Adding pictures

Click on the «Picture» button on the bottom menu. You may upload as many pictures in JPEG or PNG format as you want.

You can rearrange them by simply dragging and dropping them in the order you'd like.

Make sure you pick which photo will be the cover image of your post: it'll appear with the artice summary, including when your piece is being shared.

Note that uploading higher resolution images is always better.

The choice of your theme is important if you're into images more than text.

Posting content and Variations on your content

Adding a quote

Great for quote attribution, the «Quote» option in the bottom menu will format the quote you are inserting by asking you all the needed information then display it more visibly in your article. The quote will be put forward in your text.

Posting content and Variations on your content

Adding a hyperlink

The «Link» button on the bottom menu allows you to hyperlink all elements from the title to the picture and a summary of the page.

You can even add your own description. The link will then appear in your article separated from the rest of the content.

Adding a video

The «Video» button on the bottom menu allows you to insert a video in three different ways:

  • by pasting the URL of the video

  • by pasting the HTML code of a video as it'll be given to you by your video sharing site

  • by searching directly from the YouTube video section

You can add a description to your video and its preview can be used as the cover of your story.

Adding music

The «Audio» button on the bottom menu allows you to search for music on Deezer to add directly to your article.

However, depending on the country where you are, the connection to Deezer may not be available and/or the visitor will be able to listen to either the full song or a 30-second extract.

Adding a file

The «File» section on the bottom menu allows you to add a downloadable file to your post. To help your visitor, add information about the file in the description part.

The file should not exceed 8 Mo in size.

Adding a place

The «Place» button on the bottom menu allows you to localize your post and its content by adding one or more places on a map. Search each place and add a description by clicking on the flag. Add a general description for the whole map too, it will help your SEO / the indexing of your post and OverBlog.

Using the HTML option

The “HTML” section can be used in any specific cases that couldn’t have been sold with other sections :

  • add a widget from another website : poll, weather...
  • add a specific display : table...

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