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  • How to renew OverBlog Premium subscription

    04 November 2012 ( #how to manage OverBlog Premium )

    Your OverBlog Premium subscription renewal will be automatic unless your credit card has expired. You'll be sent an email to notify you before renewal. Anytime, you can stop your OverBlog Premium subscription. From your dashboard, go to Settings > Premium...

  • How to manage email adresses and aliases

    06 November 2012 ( #how to manage OverBlog Premium )

    Email adresses From your dashboard, go to Settings > Premium > Email adresses. You can create up to 5 email adresses linked to your domain name (ie: Enter the email adress you want to create (ie: type "contact" to create "

  • Notifications

    15 October 2012

    Your notifications will appear as a figure on the top right menu of your OverBlog, by the bell sign. The figure will tell you how many notifications there are in your network or on your OverBlog. You can select what you want to be notified about, going...

  • Scheduling a post

    26 November 2012 ( #how to post content )

    When you're done writing your post, click on the «Publishing time» square on the right hand column. Choose in the menu when you wish your post to be published.

  • How does the social networks chart work?

    26 October 2012 ( #how to read my stats )

    This chart displays the number of visitors who came to your OverBlog via social networks. It also compares the size of each network by referals.

  • How to use the drafts?

    20 November 2012 ( #how to post content )

    If you aren't ready to publish or schedule your post right away, save it as a draft for you to return to later. Click on the little arrow on the right hand column near the "Publish Now" button, then on «Save as draft» . It'll show in your draft list.

  • Changing my theme

    30 August 2012 ( #how to modify my blog )

    Selecting a theme. You can choose a theme from those of our platform in the theme section. When you click on one theme, a preview will be displayed to give you an idea. If you like the theme, you can click "Save" to apply it for on blog. Configuration...

  • Changing the URL of a blog

    02 November 2012 ( #how to manage OverBlog Premium )

    If you already own a custom domain name, you can use it for your OverBlog. Before changing the domain name for your Page though, you need to properly set the CNAME value in your registrar control panel. Please set the CNAME value to “”....

  • Email connect

    31 January 2017 ( #how to manage my blogs )

    Go to and click on “Log in” in the top right hand corner. If you’re already logged in, you’ll automatically be redirected you to your dashboard. If not, enter your email address and password. How to change my email/password You...

  • How to import my blog on OverBlog

    12 December 2012 ( #how to manage my blogs )

    To move your current blog to an OverBlog, it only takes a few clicks. Once you have created your account, go to Settings > Import/Export. Type your current blog’s URL and select the platform. At this time, we support imports from Blogger (Blogspot), Dotclear,...

  • Which browser configuration should I use

    10 December 2012 ( #how to manage my blogs )

    We make sure everyday that OverBlog remains compatible with all browsers, especially with technologies improving so fast. We recommend that you always use the most recent version of your browser. Internet Explorer : version 8 or above Mozilla Firefox...

  • How to add a tag?

    22 November 2012 ( #how to post content )

    Tags are intended to help visitors to navigate your Overblog you to find an article from your Activity interface search engines index your content and increase your OverBlog's overall visibility. Tagging your posts is a crucial step: be as precise as...

  • Writing tips

    30 July 2012 ( #how to improve your blog visibility )

    Fill in your profile to be on the portal You should try to get the more backlinks to your blog that you can. The easiest to get is OverBlog’s directory. To be listed on it, you just have to add an avatar to your blog, a title and a description (on Settings...

  • Technical tips

    28 July 2012 ( #how to improve your blog visibility )

    Performance optimisation Search engines take load time in account. We recommend that you limit this load time, for SEO but also for your visitors. There are several ways to improve it: - you can choose the number of articles to display on each page on...

  • Managing comments

    15 August 2012

    You can manage comments 3 different ways. Your are able to: select your comments tool select options from your settings if you have chosen OverBlog’s comment moderate comments Changing comments tool Go toTheme > Configuration, find the Comments section....

  • How to delete my blog ?

    31 January 2017 ( #FAQ )

    If you want to delete your blog, connect to your administration and then, go to Manage > Settings > General settings. At the bottom of the page, you'll have the possibility to click on "Delete my blog" after you wrote the reasons of this suppression.

  • Where is my rss feed / sitemap

    08 December 2012 ( #how to manage my blogs )

    Some websites (directories, search engines...) may ask you to enter your RSS feed or your sitemap, you can find them at: RSS Feed : Sitemap :

  • How to export my blog

    14 December 2012 ( #how to manage my blogs )

    You can export your blog content in two easy steps. On your dashboard, go to Settings > Import/Export. Depending on the size of your blog, it may take a few minutes. Once the export is completed, we will email you your blog’s XML file. Only the Owner...

  • How to delete my blog

    16 December 2012 ( #how to manage my blogs )

    On your dashboard, go to Settings > Page > General options, click on “Please delete my page.” You will receive an email with a link to confirm your choice. WARNING: You won’t be able to reactivate the blog or recover your content. Only the owner is allowed...

  • How to change the language of my dashboard

    31 January 2017 ( #how to manage my blogs )

    Just go to "Settings> Account". This doesn’t affect the language of your blog, only your dashboard.

  • How to change the blog's address ?

    31 January 2017 ( #how to manage my blogs )

    You cannot change your blog's address once it has been created. But... with Premium Packs, you can assign it a domain name which be the main host for your blog. To know more about Premium offers, click right here !

  • How to delete my account ?

    31 January 2017 ( #FAQ )

    Just contact Support through your administration to ask the suppression of your account ;-)

  • Changing my blog’s title

    28 August 2012 ( #how to modify my blog )

    You can change your blog's title grom Settings > General. We recommend that you choose a title that describes well your blog, with a description and an avatar.

  • Why do we need to validate your email address?

    26 December 2012 ( #how to manage my blogs )

    We send regular updates and also email you if you forget your password. Validating your email is necessary for both. Some features won’t be accessible until you validate your email, including creating more blogs or using advanced Premium features.

  • Which referers are showing up and why?

    28 October 2012 ( #how to read my stats )

    Every month, you have access to the list of your top 10 list referers.

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