OverBlog Premium allows you to enjoy more features for your blog.

You can give OverBlog Premium a try when creating your own blog, thanks to our 15-days trial. Then, you'll be able to decide whether you want to use it and subscribe for a one-year pack or not.

You can choose between Basic, Individual Premium and Small Businesses Premium.

What will be in OverBlog Premium?

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From your dashboard, go to "Settings > Premium".

Determine which OverBlog Premium best suits your needs, then choose a domain name or use yours if you already have one.

Be careful : you can only pay by credit card.

The visual cryptogram, is the 3 numbers on the back of your card.

How to subscribe to OverBlog Premium

Once you have subscribed and paid, you can find your bill from Settings > Premium > Change your payment method or subscription.

You would also be able to select another OverBlog Premium or change your card informations.

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Email adresses

From your dashboard, go to Settings > Premium > Email adresses.

You can create up to 5 email adresses linked to your domain name (ie: contact@mydomainname.com.)

Enter the email adress you want to create (ie: type "contact" to create "contact@mydomainname.com) and choose the password you'll have to use to check your emails.

Email aliases

From your dashboard, go to Settings > Premium > Email aliases.

You can create as much email aliases as you want.

We recommand that you use first your 5 emails adresses, and then create aliases if needed. An email alias allows you to create a fictitious adress, redirecting received emails to your own email adress

ie: the email alias "example@mydomainname.com" will redirect your received emails to the personal email adress "contact@mydomainname.com" that you have already created.

To create an email alias, select in the first column the email alias you want to create (ie: type "example" to create "example@mydomainname.com".)

In the second column, type the email adress you want received emails to be redirected to (ie: "contact@mydomainename.com.)

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Your OverBlog Premium subscription renewal will be automatic unless your credit card has expired.

You'll be sent an email to notify you before renewal.

Anytime, you can stop your OverBlog Premium subscription. From your dashboard, go to Settings > Premium > Change your payment method or subscription.

Select "When this individual subscription ends, I want to switch to a Basic (free) account" then click on "Change subscription" button to confirm.

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If you already own a custom domain name, you can use it for your OverBlog.

Before changing the domain name for your Page though, you need to properly set the CNAME value in your registrar control panel. Please set the CNAME value to “vip.over-blog-kiwi.com.”.

Then go to Settings > Domain name and enter you domain name.

It might then take from 3 to 24 hours for the DNS to be updated and the changes to be effective.

Note that if you set a new domain name before configuring the CNAME value, your Page will be inaccessible.

Should you have trouble following these steps, we suggest you either leave it as it is or subscribe to OverBlog Premium to have your own customised domain name.

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Having your own domain name hosted elsewhere, you can transfer it to OverBlog. We'll manage it as soon as you subscribe to a Premium membership.


It's free, and the domain you wish us to register for you will remain your property. OverBlog will manage everything: billing and technical support (expiration alerts, DNS...). Your domain name will automatically be linked to your blog.


Go to your registrar dashboard, and find the form or tab (depending on the registrar) to unlock your domain name and to launch the transfer.

Request your current registrar the domain's authorization code (auth-code). This is a code that you will need to provide to OverBlog to achieve the transfer. You will receive a confirmation email (don't forget to check your spam box if you don't receive it in your mailbox.)

How to proceed?

Go to "Contact us", on this page top right hand corner, and send us the following information:

  • The domain name to transfer (ie: www.mydomainname.com)
  • The auth-code your registrar provided you
  • Your OverBlog's url (ie: myblog.over-blog.com)
  • Your current registrar, hosting your domain name (ie : Gandi, OVH, 1and1,...)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date and place of birthcom
  • Postal address

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