You can manage comments 3 different ways. Your are able to:

  • select your comments tool

  • select options from your settings if you have chosen OverBlog’s comment

  • moderate comments

Changing comments tool

Go toTheme > Configuration, find the Comments section. Then select the comments tool you want.

By default, you’ll use OverBlog tool.

Themes will also offer you to use:

  • Disqus : you just have to enter your Disqus ID

  • Facebook : you can even chose the font color in some themes.

Comments review before publishing

Go toSettings > Comment, click “Review before publishing” box.

You’ll then have to valid comments before they are published on your blog.

On Comments > Hidden, you can select as many comments as you want, and then click on “Show/hide” to allow it.

Hiding comments

From “Comments”, you can select the comment, and click on “Show/Hide” to hide it. If you click again, it will reverse the action.

Deleting a comment

From “Comments”, select a comment then click on “Delete”. It will be irreversible.

Answering a comment

From your blog, click on “Answer” on the top right of each comment and previous answers to answer directly.

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