I don’t have an account yet

  • Using Facebook connect

Click on the “Log in using Facebook” icon.

If you have multiple Facebook accounts, and are logged in on your computer, make sure you are logged into the one that you want to use to set up your OverBlog.

  • Using your email

Go to http://en.overblog.com/signup -- 3 easy steps:

1. Enter your email address.

2. Choose a password

3. Choose an URL root -- we’ll add the ".overblog.com" ending, it’ll read like this: myblog.overblog.com.

IMPORTANT: before clicking on “Sign up,” verify your step 3 by making sure you entered your blog URL root and NOT your password. We do not require you to reconfirm your password.

You’re almost done: check your email inbox for a confirmation email. Please confirm -- until you do so, you won’t be able to access all the features. This is intended to protect you.

I want to add a new blog on my already existing account

Go to your dashboard and click on the avatar on the top right hand side corner. On the scrolling menu, click on “Create a new blog.” Follow the same steps as in the beginning to choose the URL of the additional blog.

If you can’t access this functionality, please make sure you have confirmed your email address. You can create a maximum of 5 blogs from the same account. To switch from one to the other, just click on the avatar on the top right hand corner and select “Manage” on the blog you want to access to.

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